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The Cherries at Verdun orchard is on “The Pines”, one of the Adelaide Hills’ oldest continually operating farms. It was settled by the Gallasch Family in 1847 and has been occupied by generations of the family ever since.


With over 175 years of heritage, there’s history at every turn on the farm. All the stone buildings are State Heritage listed – some even still have their original wooden roof shingles!


The current homestead was built from stone quarried from The Pines in 1875. In fact, you can see stone from "The Pines" in the Hahndorf Band Rotunda and Sir Hans Heysen’s home.


In those days a large brass church bell was used to call the field workers in for lunch. Once lost to time, the bell can now be seen in the old German oak, where a branch has fallen exposing the bell.

We can't wait for you to experience the history of "The Pines" with us!

May in the Cherry Orchard
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