We only sell PYO cherries.
This means you pick the cherries yourself.

We weigh the cherries picked and you are charged accordingly.
Our prices vary from season to season and year to year. We set our prices less than the market price.
YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU PICK.  The cherries are so yummy it is tempting to keep picking!
Please, do not pick more than you need because you will pay for all the cherries that you have picked! 


What do I need to bring?
  • Sensible Clothes, Shoes and Hat
    Wear clothing that protects you from sunburn and shoes with a good grip. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Weather can also change quickly in the Hills so bring a coat and umbrella.
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Bring your own box, bucket or shopping bag.
    We lend you a bucket for picking. We do supply some recycled boxes until they run out.  New cherry boxes are available for sale, but you may wish to bring your own box, bucket or shopping bag to carry home your cherries.
  • Yes, there are trees that are wheelchair accessible
    The orchard is sloping with rough grass, so if you require a wheelchair or walker please email us and arrange a picking time where we are best able to offer assistance. 
  • Ample parking on-site
    We have ample parking close by, adjacent to the orchard. Please drive safely and slowly, and follow reduced speed signs on the track.  
Beautiful picnic spots and views
  • Many families love to relax and picnic together after they have finished picking their cherries.
  • We have beautiful 360-degree views from the orchard and surrounds. 
  • Kangaroos and koalas have been spotted by keen eyes, or you can watch the cattle and horses grazing nearby.  
  • There are shady bush spots outside the orchard where you are welcome to set up your chairs and rug to enjoy our wonderful Adelaide Hills views.
  • Please bring your own food and drinks.  We only have limited bottled water for sale. 
  • We love to see you enjoying your family time, but please think of others and take your rubbish away with you.

Picnic spots & views


Our historic farm "The Pines" was established here in 1847 by JJ Gallasch. The descendants of our family have been continually farming this same land for over 175 years. 
Over the years, market gardening, horticulture, dairy and beef have been farmed. Tony is the 5th generation and our grandchildren whom you see working with us are the 7th generation.
Our family history can be seen as you drive through the historic homestead and farmyard. All the stone buildings are State Heritage listed.  Some still have the original wooden roof shingles under the present-day iron. The sandstone homestead was built in 1875 by the 2nd generation and was the 3rd home to be built on the property. This stone along with the stone for all the farm buildings was quarried on the farm. The stone used to build artist Sir Hans Heysen's Art Studio and other local public buildings was also sourced from this same quarry which you can see on the left as you enter the driveway from Beaumont Road. 
The old German oak tree Quercus Robur is a listed tree on the National register. A large brass church bell, used to call the field workers in for their midday meal, was hung on a limb. Over time it became overgrown within the tree. 
You can see where this tree limb has now split off and fallen, exposing the bell which had been hidden for many years.

Because of summer fire bans in the Adelaide Hills, and the safety of all our customers and community is at stake, our farm and the car park is strictly NO SMOKING.
You can visit the CFS South Australian Country Fire Service website here.
Thank you for your cooperation.